Finance management process improvement:

  • Process analysis and documentation;
  • Description of procedures and position responsibilities;
  • Manual development;
  • Budgeting, planning;
  • Management information building and analysis.

Assistance to IS implementation and development:

  • Accounting, ERP, CRM, EAM/CMMS;
  • Requirements analysis and definition;
  • Specification development;
  • Implementation of project management;
  • Change management.

IS management consultancy:

  • The preparation of IS strategy and development plan;
  • The development of IS and IT solution concept;
  • IS Audit, Risk analysis;
  • Assistance to IS management document preparation (security policy, backup copying policy, business continuity plan, other policies, rules and procedures);
  • Support for work with external service providers;
  • Project supervision.

Assistance in the organization in tender procedures:

  • Requirements analysis and definition;
  • Market research, identification of potencial suppliers;
  • Supplier survey on behalf of the client (allowing the client to disclose his name);
  • The development of tender regulations (selection criteria, evaluation principles) and terms of reference (technical specification);
  • Offer evaluation;
  • Assistance to contracting process.